Yin and the Energy Body

Sunday July 11th 3-5pm


Join the talented Bibianna Green RYT-200, Certified Yin Teacher, and currently in training for RYT-500 for an informative Yin Workshop.

Point to Cover:
History of Yin, Benefits of Yin, Yin and its relation to the energy that flows in our body. Why practice Yin Yoga?

This workshop will include a lecture with an informative and soothing Yin Yoga practice. Come learn about this therapeutic practice.


Investment $25
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Unraveling the Chakras: Accessing the Spinning Wheels withing Us

Sunday August 1st



In this workshop, you will learn about the seven major chakras, energy fields, and how to work with them.  Nina Bambina, Ph.D will teach you how chakras disperse energy throughout your body, lead you in a yoga practice associated with each chakra, and guide you through an exercise to tunej into your chakras and energize them.  Nina will combine her knowledge of Healing Touch and Quantum Touch to introduce you to the physical and spiritual healing that energy  work can produce.  For more information on this workshop, call or text Nina at 812-480-8750

Bio: Nina has a Ph.D in sociology and now works in healing arts.  She has been trained to work with energy using Healing Touch and Quantum Touch and is a certified yoga teacher.  In her energy sessions, she helps people clear physical and emotional blocks so that their bodies can have profound healing.

Investment $35