Ready to join us for your first class? Or perhaps you're well versed in all things yoga and looking for a new studio home? We've got you!

Here at Yes Power Yoga, we use an online scheduling software to make scheduling and payment easy for you. The app will always have the most up-to-date schedule and listing of teachers. To use, simply download the free MINDBODY app or click the access link below. First time MINDBODY clients will need to create an account.  

Class Schedule

Monday                                                             Thursday
8:30 am Power Hour                                                     8:30 am Gentle Yoga
6:30 pm Power Hour                                                     5:15 pm Barre
                                                                                              6:30 pm Yin

8:30 am Aerial Yoga                                                      Friday
12:00 pm Power Express                                              8:30 am Power Hour
5:30 pm Barre                                                                  9:45 am Yin
6:30 pm De-Stress and Rest
Wednesday                                                       9:00 am Power Hour
8:30 am Power Hour                                                    10:15 am Aerial Yoga
5:30 pm Aerial Yoga                                                      11 am Barre 
6:30 pm Power Hour
                                                                                              1:30 pm Move & Meditate



$10 Drop-in

$55 Month Unlimited

$55 6 Class Package 

$80 10 Class Package

$250 6 Month Unlimited

$475 12 Month Unlimited

First Visit Special $40 for 30 Days Unlimited Classes, must be purchased at first visit.

*there is an expiration on class packages


*no discounts available


Inquire about Private Aerial or Yoga Sessions by contacting us via email (, Facebook Messenger or text at 812-661-7876.

Private sessions are $50 a session, 5 people or less for group.  If group exceeds 5 students, $10 add on per additional student. Private Aerial sessions can have up to 11 participants. 

Gift Cards can be purchased in studio or by contacting us via email (, Facebook Messenger or text at 812-661-7876.

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