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Cacao Ceremony and Sound Bath

Meditation, breathwork and chocolate

  • 25 US dollars
  • East 4th Street

Service Description

Join Andrea for an hour and a half cacao ceremony. The day is sure to involve yoga, mediation, breathwork and some heart-opening hot chocolate. This hot chocolate-called cacao-is much different than traditional Swiss Miss. Used in ceremony for thousands of years, the natural botanical benefits of cacao will make you feel connected and grounded to others and the Earth. ** Pre-registration is required** The benefits of a cacao ceremony. Here are some of the benefits people can expect during a cacao ceremony: 1. It's heart-opening. Because of the way the theobromine significantly increases blood flow, Moses Draper, the co-founder of Embue Cacao explains, people often experience a heart-opening sensation after drinking cacao. "It's easier to feel filled up with love, or open and connected to other people," he says. So, don't be surprised if you find yourself placing your hand on your heart in a ceremony. (Think the Grinch when his heart grows a ton!) 2. It's mood-boosting. Maybe this goes without saying, but yes, cacao is mood-boosting. The compounds anandamide and PEA increase serotonin uptake2, Draper notes, which contribute to an overall feeling of happiness and contentment with each sip. 3. It can help you focus. The stimulating effects of cacao can help people focus longer and deeper on the spiritual practice of the ceremony, like an extended meditation for example. (As anyone who's ever struggled to sit through meditation can attest to, that's a huge plus.) 4. It can be very sensual. The association between love, sensuality, and chocolate has been celebrated for ages. Not only does cacao have heart-opening and mood-boosting effects, but as Draper notes, with more blood flowing, there's more oxygenation happening in the body and we're more sensitive to touch. If your ceremony involves dancing, singing, or any sort of interaction with other people, the effects of the cacao can elevate that. 5. It's good for your health. And of course, we couldn't leave out all the physical benefits of this superfood. Cacao is high in antioxidants, iron, magnesium, calcium, and more. There's also research showing regular consumption of cacao (in healthy amounts) can improve heart health.

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  • Yes Power Yoga LLC, 417 East 4th Street, Huntingburg, IN, USA


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